Are You Feeling Frazzled and Exhausted?

that's okay!

If you’re working hard on your Dream and on your life, no matter how well-Designed it is and how well you’re implementing Habits, Workflow, and Focus… you’re going to get tired.

It's good that you're working hard. What’s not good is pushing past that fatigue to get more done.

recharge to find balance

Recharging is a key element to Impactivity, because without it we have productivity that gets unbalanced and unhealthy, and eventually burns out.

There are three components to Recharging: Rest, Refuel and Review.

rest is often done wrong

We either ignore the need to rest and insist on pushing ourselves to the breaking point, or we crash into mind-numbing distraction that doesn’t truly refresh us.

What we need is true rest. Soul rest. The kind of rest that’s like water seeping into the cracks of our parched souls.

learning a new way of resting

Here are a few ideas to try, the next time you need some rest:

  • Find some beauty
  • Listen to music
  • Seek out silence
  • Get outside
  • Use your creativity

Try just an hour or so of truly resting. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing it can be!

your best next step

Dig Deeper

go more in-depth with this topic

Enjoy 5 days of stepping into true rest and seeing the difference in your life.

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Go Further

move forward on your adventure

Plan some time away for a high-level review and plan of your Impactivity life.

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