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Shift your natural productivity as a woman into something better by discovering your unique, God-given adventure and pursuing that work with passion, balance and joy. Impactivity blends faith, work, and joy into a life of lasting impact.

You're Worth the Dream

how worrying about self-worth can shackle us

How do we balance a desire to live humbly and not be too focused on ourselves with the need to truly understand and appreciate our gifts and strengths, so that we can live out our purpose and pursue our God-given Dreams? 

In this podcast episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss getting Unshackled from the bondage of either a poor self-image or a refusal to even develop a self-image at all.

Want to think further about what the Bible truly says about this issue? Download the 5-Day Exploration of Self-Worth below and take some time this week to get a better understanding.

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Don't Feel Pressured by Your Dream

why the dream sometimes feels stressful

What happens when all this “Dream” talk starts to feel like pressure, and you worry that you should’ve figured it all out by now? When it comes to deciding your next steps, how fast is fast enough? How slow is too slow?

In this episode, Tracy and Rachel discuss “figuring it out” from two very different perspectives, and ask questions about what to do when the uncertainty starts to feel like stress.

Share how figuring out your Dream might be causing you stress:

How Do I Create Connection?

podcast explaining how to carve out time for relationships

It’s critical to create deep connections with other like-minded people who will understand and support the Dream that God has given us, the adventure of the life we are living, at the same time we are supporting them.

But creating these connections is challenging – both finding the time and finding the right people.

We’ll talk about how to choose, how to schedule, and how to make the time meaningful.

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How Do I Make the Most Out of Downtime?

podcast brainstorming great ways to enjoy time off

You’ve finally set aside some time for you, time to relax. Is it selfish? Nevermind that, what in the world are you supposed to do with that downtime?

Suddenly you’re feeling restless, or bored, or even sleepy.

In this episode we’ll get honest about the challenges of “time off” and how to make the most out of every minute.

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Why Can't I Stay Focused?

podcast exploding productivity with better focus

Often we lament the slow progress we’re making on pursuing the dream that we feel God is calling us to. Life is so busy, and everything seems to get in the way. We just can’t focus.  Every time we try to get down to business and do the work, something else seems to crop up. Sometimes it’s external circumstances, sometimes it’s internal. We need to get clarity on exactly what is happening to our focus before we can do something about it. And there are things we can do! We’ll discuss the problem and four solutions in this episode.

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Why Am I Making Slow Progress on My Dream?

podcast offering solutions on how to make better progress

Big dreams, big plans… often things don’t go as we hope. For lots of reasons, including some we have trouble identifying, we aren’t making progress as quickly as we think we should. 

We’ll talk about some of those reasons, especially the hidden ones, and how to get past them so we can see fantastic progress on the dreams that God is calling us to.

Download the checklist of areas to evaluate to make better progress.

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Where Do I Get the Money to Pursue My Dream?

podcast suggesting ways to fund our dreams

One of the most-often cited reasons for delaying the pursuit of our dream is the lack of money. But is money truly the issue, or is there something deeper? And if a lack of money really is stopping us, what practical steps can we take to get past this significant obstacle?

In this episode we discuss why, when, and how to figure out the money-stuff.

Download the summary of questions and answers to work through in the days to come.

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How Do I Measure Success?

podcast asking how we know if the dream is a success

As people interested in achieving and getting things done, but also interested in following God’s desire for our lives, we sometimes get tripped up by how to measure success, what even constitutes success, and whether it’s materialistic or unspiritual to measure success at all.

We tackle those questions in this episode, and try to get at the heart of what success looks like for people who are building or creating something out of their dream.

Download the 6-Step Guide to Pursuing Your Dream for some inspiration around discovering and embracing your unique adventure.

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Why Do I Feel Alone in my Dream?

podcast asking why connection is so vital to dreams

Do you sometimes feel like you’re in this thing alone? Pursuing your God-given Dream can be isolating at times. It’s easy to get bogged down by fear and confusion when we lack the support of others.

We’re talking in this episode about the problem with doing life alone, the benefits of having a group of supportive people, and how to find or create a group like this yourself.

Download this tip sheet with lots of great ideas for creating a group.

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Why Do I Feel Guilty When I Relax?

podcast tackling the challenge we face in slowing down

We’d love to slow down, but there’s so much to do, and when we try to kick back, feelings of guilt start creeping in.  “I should be doing more, downtime is selfish, people need me…”  So many reasons to keep pushing.

But Recharging is a very important part of Impactivity. How can we make time for it, without all the guilt that goes with it? The answer might surprise you.

After the podcast, you might want to download this free guide. It’s like a mini-vacation for your soul.

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How Do I Organize My Day?

podcast uncovering ways to increase time and energy to get more done

Often we start the day with great intentions to be productive, but then find ourselves scattered, running out of time, or running out of energy before it all gets done.

In this episode, we talk about ways to increase both our time and our energy so that the work happens more effortlessly.

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Help! My Goals are Stressing Me Out!

podcast examining whether goals are useful or problematic

It’s natural and logical to set goals, especially when you’re getting started on a dream. But in this episode, we talk about whether we actually need goals at all, how they make us crazy, and how we can think differently to find joy and peace in pursuing our Dreams.

If you're worried that you'll never get anything done without the external pressure of goal-setting, download the tool on this page and give it a shot the next time you find yourself procrastinating.

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What Am I Waiting For?

podcast fighting through six reasons we wait to pursue a dream

Even after we've glimpsed the dream God’s given us, something we feel like He’s calling us to step into, we hesitate.  Time goes by, and we find ourselves weeks, months, or even years down the road with that dream still tucked away.  

In this episode we fight through six reasons we often wait to pursue a dream, and how to kick them!

Download the "cheat sheet" below, and take a few minutes after the podcast to listen to this piece of music: music to meditate on.

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Am I Really Allowed to Dream?

podcast wrestling with questions we have about pursuing a dream

Is it selfish to pursue a dream?  Does it mean we are discontent with our life? In this episode, we'll wrestle through some of the reasons we often feel like we're not really allowed to have a dream for our life.

Download the "cheat sheet" notes below, along with some specific advice on what to do with those misgivings.

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