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A healthy dose of motivation and the practical tips & tricks you need to get it all done and keep thriving in the midst of it.

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Nothing is Working

But Things are Changing

This Podcast is an Obligation

but it's also an opportunity

Climb That Ladder

Plant Your Feet in Purpose

Retreat! Retreat!

It's Time to Get Away

Grateful for the... before the...

How to start being thankful before

Gratitude Doesn’t Erase Hurt

How to be thankful and real

Level Up Your Gratitude

How to be grateful in every season

I'm Unbalanced!

How Much Can You Add?

Resist the Negative

be careful about what you allow in

Wheel of LIfe

What areas are you strong in?

What Season of Life Are You In?

Learning how to be present and future minded

Steal My Systems!

Best Tips & Tricks for Getting More Done

Do You Know Your Friends' Dreams?

Encourage and Support Others in Their Adventures

Your Most Valuable Resource

What Do You Not Have Enough Of?

Reverse Engineering Your Life

Beginning with the End in Mind

Vision Check-in

Can You Remember Your Vision?

How Much are you Dreaming?

Envision A Better Life Outside of Just Work

Chase the Dream Alongside Others

Creating Community That Works

A Rant about Mindfulness

Is It a Good Thing?

Use Technology to Your Advantange

Find Innovative Ways to Make Your Life Easier

The Power of Tiny

It Doesn't Take Much to Make a Difference

Know Your Limits

when to stop and when to keep going

Get Out of Your Dream's Shadow

Find ten minutes and take a baby step

Break Free of The Sticky To-Do

Let go of the shoulds and find your why

Am I Really Good Enough?

Asking the Tough Questions

Finish Strong

The Year is Not Over Yet

Changing Team Culture

A Simple Question Can Change a Team

The Power of Prayer

We Should Actively Be Praying For Each Other

Connecting Thru Service

Serving Others Often Results in Connection

This Girl is on Fire

lessons learned about igniting

What Fuels you?

Motivation is a Powerful Tool

Get Angry

What Makes You Mad?

Are You Getting Inspired?

Find Life in Things You Do

Time to Stir Things Up

someone in your life needs it

Remember to Celebrate

acknowledging our small wins is essential

Connecting with Yourself

learning how to be present

Why should we work hard?

working hard for the right reasons is a good thing

Girl Boss?

what's up with this phrase?

Let's Talk About Cake

What's Your Icing on The Cake?

You're Enough

do you actually believe that?

Are You Making Your Story Too Dramatic?

a good story isn't worth the price

What's the Cost of Your Not-Doing List?

why you cannot simply react

It's Okay to Procrastinate

let go of the shame

Is it Wrong to Feel Proud?

Working Hard is a Good Thing

Rest for The Sake of Rest

are we only resting to work more?

Can Service & Profit Coexist?

how making money fits into a heart of service

We're Back!

all new tools just for you!

We're Shifting our Vision!

new things are coming

Create a Review that Works for You

pausing to understand why

How to Manage Your Day

making the most of your time

How to Make the Dream Tangible

beat overwhelm by getting strategic

When Overwhelm Shuts Down Your Dream

is it worth pushing through?

How "Christian" Does Your Dream Need to Be?

what is our purpose?

How to Start a True Community

answers you need before you start

When Recharging Feels Too Hard

what to do when you're too tired to rest

When You Just Don't Feel Like Igniting

what to do when apathy strikes

How Much Vision Does Your Dream Really Need?

holding your plans loosely

Nurturing Your No

knowing when to step away

Finding Courage to Overcome Insecurity

seeing the value of our dreams

How We Really Feel about Women's Ministry

a conversation about the good and the bad

How to Stay on Track

becoming self-aware

Creating Rewards that Motivate

how to set up habits you'll actually finish

Take Time to Celebrate

it's important to recognize the wins

Clutter is Sabotaging Your Dream

practical tips for getting free of stuff

How to Find God's Dream for my Life

understanding my will vs. God's will

Finding Your Circles of Connection

how to set expectations in relationships

Make Time for Mental Rest

why it's hard to quiet our minds

Get More Time through Delegation

how off-loading tasks multiplies time for the Adventure

The Perfect Amount of Design

help for under-planners and over-planners to figure out balance

You're Worth the Dream

how worrying about self-worth can shackle us

Don't Feel Pressured by Your Dream

why the Dream sometimes feels stressful

How Do I Create Connection?

how to carve out time for relationships

How Do I Make the Most Out of Downtime?

brainstorming great ways to enjoy time off

Why Can't I Stay Focused?

how to explode productivity with better focus

Why Am I Making Slow Progress on My Dream?

solutions on how to make better progress

Where Do I Get the Money to Pursue My Dream?

suggestions for ways to fund our dreams

How Do I Measure Success?

how do we know if the dream is a success?

Why Do I Feel Alone in my Dream?

why connection is so vital to dreams

Why Do I Feel Guilty When I Relax?

tackling the challenge we face in slowing down

How Do I Organize My Day?

ways to increase time and energy to get more done

Help! My Goals are Stressing Me Out!

examining whether goals are useful or problematic

What Am I Waiting For?

fighting through six reasons we wait to pursue a dream

Am I Really Allowed to Dream?

wrestling with questions we have about pursuing a dream

What is Impactivity?

what we're all about