Personal Annual Retreat Guide

guide to annually reviewing and reinventing your life

Don’t know how to make your own Personal Annual Retreat happen?

In this helpful ebook, you’ll get:

  • pages of suggestions for planning your retreat
  • how to make it affordable and doable
  • how to talk to the people in your life who need to agree to let you get away
  • the step-by-step guide for your actual Personal Annual Retreat, to make the most of your time

January is the perfect time for your Annual Retreat, but if that’s too far away, don’t wait!

It’s not too late to create a vision for the rest of your year.

Giving yourself the gift of some focused time to review, think, and plan will reap huge benefits at any time of year.

It sounds impossible. But it’s not.

And it could just be the most important thing you do this year to grow in your life of Impactivity.