it’s okay to want more

We were made to dream big. To embrace the way that we were made, with all our personality quirks and our amazing gifts and our unique strengths.

In this 6 hour course discover…

  • Who Am I & What Do I Care About?
  • What is God calling me to in the world?
  • How Do I Put It All Together?
  • How Do I Get the Time, Money, and Confidence?
  • How Do I Get Started?

it’s time to listen to yourself and to your unique calling

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tracy higley

your impactivity guide

Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, Tracy has been where you are. A super-busy novelist, retail business owner, college professor, and mom of four, she knows what it’s like to set the world on fire but get burned out in the process. After years of feeling different than most of the women she knew, her desire is to walk alongside other like-minded Christian women who want to make a lasting impact with their lives both within and outside the four walls of their homes.