too busy to stay healthy?

At some point, we move from discovering to doing, and that’s when life gets really challenging.

we’re just like you

We want to stand with you in support as you live a life of Adventure, pursuing the dream God has given you. We’re not going to tell you to be less busy… instead we’ll show you how to be less frantic. We’re not going to give you simple, trite answers… instead we’ll walk with you through the journey.

We’ve built an app to help shift your natural productivity to a life of Impactivity.

it’s time to find the energy and health to work with balance and joy

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the impactivity team

your personal coaches to health and balance

At Impactivity, our mission is to help high-achieving Christian women like you discover the Dream that God has for your life – the unique adventure that is yours alone – and embrace it with clarity, balance and joy. We are a team of women just like you who want to make a lasting impact on the lives around us, and to do it in a God-honoring way. We want more than simple productivity. We want Impactivity.