Rest Guide

A 5-Day Meditation on a Critical But Lost Art

Recharging is a key element to Impactivity, because without it we have productivity that gets unbalanced and unhealthy, and eventually burns out.

There are three components to Recharging: Rest, Refuel and Review.

And when it comes to Rest, most of us are doing it all wrong.

We either ignore the need to rest and insist on pushing ourselves to the breaking point, or we crash into mind-numbing distraction that doesn’t truly refresh us.

What we need is true rest. Soul rest. The kind of rest that’s like water seeping into the cracks of our parched souls.

Need help implementing true rest? In Rest: A 5-Day Meditation on a Critical but Lost Art, you’ll get specific and practical help as you are...

  • challenged with the benefits of downtime
  • encouraged to rethink the ways in which you rest (hint: it doesn’t usually involve a screen!)
  • motivated to infuse your life with a different sort of restfulness that will truly recharge you so you can better accomplish your amazing work.

Don’t let that burnout that results from a misunderstanding of what it means to rest kill your Impactivity!

Enjoy five days of stepping into true rest and seeing what a difference in makes in your life.