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I've read a number of Tracy Higley's books, and truly enjoyed them. Naturally I jumped at the chance to get her Impactivity. I was caught from the beginning. The book is a pleasure to read, but it goes beyond that. I feel she has been truly inspired by God in the writing of this book, giving many like me encouragement, hope, and very practical advice on how to find your way to living MORE in your life...not more busy-ness, but more meaning, clearing away the un-necessary, the clutter, the time-wasters. I've given it a read-through, and am ready to really tackle what Tracy lays out in this book! I think I need the guides to go with it!
It's as if Tracy has been a fly on my wall, watching, knowing my heart, and as I read the book, I cry.... good tears. The information is amazing, useful immediately, and the way she weaves a story in with the other information is perfect. Made me NOT want to put the book down.... Powerful! Thank you Tracy. You are a true gem, using your gifts to help so many others.
This book is an easy read, but it includes definite steps (which will take some time and work) to discover and follow the dream God has given you. It is aimed particularly at Christian women, using an ongoing story line of a group of productive but harried women who take these steps. This is not just another book on productivity. So much of productivity doesn't work well for me, especially when it's mostly aimed at a lifetime of making as much money as possible. This book helps in finding your unique way to make a difference in the world while earning the income you need. It fits the Christian life view of listening to the Holy Spirit and following.
Book changed my thinking and gave me hope. I continue to implement the ideas laid out by the author. Liked how Tracy Higley shared her own experiences. I would recommend for anyone wanting to find focus and clarity in their lives.
Tracy Higley's new book is empowering, practical and inspiring, and really hits home with me. Tracy shares her remarkable insights and wisdom into how each of us can reach our full potential and make a positive difference in our lives and in the lives of others. If you want to start moving forward into a more productive life, this thought-provoking and encouraging book will help you change your world. It will help you to really make an impact without burning out or running around in circles. So read this book and make an impact on your world and love doing it. I highly recommend you read it. Great book. This book is exactly what I needed.
Life changing! While it requires commitment this guide is REAL and not just a quick "self-help." Anything that brings true change requires focus, commitment and determination. A must read if you truly want to allow God to guide you in making a difference!
At first, I did not think this book would apply to me - I do the things I love, I try to only take on what has true meaning to God. BUT as I got into the book, it hit on several things I am going through right now - the things that are holding me back from taking the next steps toward truly fulfilling God's purposes in my life. If you have a dream, want a dream, or are afraid to dream, this is a great book to read.
This is an awesome book. This book, if taken the knowledge and applied can help us find peace. It’s so important that we find the right balance in our lives. Thank you for writing this book and for being a vessel to help many people!

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