You are Not a Machine

it's time to get away

What kind of feeling do the words “Personal Annual Retreat” stir in you? Is your immediate reaction “It’ll never happen.” Or perhaps, “Please! Show me how to make it happen!”

please remember


You are a fragile soul, living in an easily broken body.

It takes more than a spritz of WD-40 and the torque of a wrench to keep you working at peak performance.

And, in fact, life is not about simply working at peak performance. Because you are not a machine.

you need perspective

While rest-stops along the course of our day and week are critical for refocusing, you are still operating at a level too near the ground, too near the action, to get enough perspective on your life as a whole.

  • You need to see your life from a perspective that reveals pattern

  • You need to stop moving – long enough to settle your mind and heart and truly listen

  • You need to surrender the future of your Adventure to the God who called you to it

get away at least once a year

Every year you should take some time to get away. During this time you should:

  • Spend time reflecting back over the past year

  • Look at where you are in the present, how you're doing in all areas

  • Dream about your future year

your best next step

Dig Deeper

go more in-depth with this topic

Plan some time away for a high-level review and plan of your Impactivity life.

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Go Further

move forward on your adventure

Create connections with others to share and support each others dreams.

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