Women were Created to Dream Big

it’s okay to want more

There are so many expectations on us as women, especially as women who want to follow God in our lives. We’re expected to “do it all,” including having a vibrant faith-life and a heart of service.

you are not alone

If, in the midst of all this busyness, you find yourself wondering if you’re working hard on the right things, then you are not alone.

questions we feel guilty asking

  • Are we allowed to pursue a dream for our life?
  • Can we spend time on the projects we love, while other things go undone?

  • Do we need to say yes to everyone who asks for our help?

These are tough questions, and often the challenge of answering them causes us to stuff them away. We stay busy, we stay distracted, and we try not to feel discontent.

dreaming is more than okay

What if the dream inside us is the very reason we were created? We were made to dream big. To embrace the way that we were made, with all our personality quirks and our amazing gifts and our unique strengths. To chase down the brokenness we see in the world and try to make it right by using the very things that make us unique.

be fulfilled and leave an impact

Whatever our dream - whether it’s building a business, creating beautiful art, pursuing a career, or growing an organization - it's not about fulfilling our potential for our own sake, for our own happiness. It’s about pursuing the work God laid out for us before the foundation of the world, in partnership and relationship with Him to build His kingdom.

it isn

’t easy

But here’s the challenging part: It’s also about leaving behind the often spiritual-sounding excuses and rationale for not taking risks.

Will we have fears? Absolutely.

Will there be obstacles? Undoubtedly. But can we build a process into our lives that will allow God to work through these fears and past these obstacles? We not only can… we must.


’t let your life slip past while you are:

  • working hard on the wrong things

  • too busy to give your God-given dream the attention it needs to grow

  • too scared to face your inadequacy and self-doubt and turn it over to God

  • too plagued by a false sense of guilt to ask yourself the tough questions about your purpose in the world

your best next step

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