Unshackle Quiz

Personalized Advice on Getting Free to Follow Your Dream

We want you to discover your Dream. And we want you to get Unshackled so you can embrace it.

But if you feel like you’re a bit stuck, and don’t know how you can make time and space for pursuing a Dream that God is putting in your heart, we’ve got this quick little quiz to help you figure out what’s holding you back, plus give you some personalized advice around how to break free.

This 28-question quiz will deliver personalized results that will…

  • Identify the specific reasons you are too busy to pursue a Dream for your life

  • Show you some of the deeper issues that brought you to this point

  • Give practical suggestions for getting free, simplifying, and finding time to live your Adventure

It won’t take you long to complete, but the insight and clarity will be invaluable.

You’ll see where you need to make changes (if you’re brave enough!) and get started on a plan to find time in your life to pursue the unique, God-given adventure that is waiting for you.

What will your score tell you?