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Many of the women that we are seeking to serve with the resources of Impactivity are women who would not naturally gravitate toward a typical “women’s ministry.” So why are we creating one for them?

We often hear women (sometimes even ourselves) saying things like “I don’t like being around groups of women,” or that women gathering together feels like too much drama, or too much superficiality. Perhaps that we simply don’t feel like we fit. Whatever it is, there is a whole segment of the population who do not seem to feel like the typical women’s ministry was built for them.

so then


So why are we here, building another? Because we are building something different. And we want to be clear about the reasons for it.

First, we have built Impactivity to be a place where women can talk openly about, and be supported in, the life of purpose they are pursuing that goes beyond home and family. We believe home and family to be primary responsibilities of anyone who is married and has children, but we do not believe them to be the only responsibilities. Rather, we think that all people (male and female) are called to use their gifts to live a life of purpose that touches and reaches others in the world, to build the kingdom of God for the glory of God.

For that reason, we do not focus on typical “home and family” conversations -- things like cooking, decorating, parenting, etc. It’s not that we believe those conversations have no value, but there is plenty of support out there in those areas.

We also believe studying the Bible and pursuing intimacy with God to be of supreme value, but we have not built Impactivity to focus on the study of the Bible or on our spiritual lives in a vacuum. Rather, we are pursuing what it means to live out that relationship with God in the context of work, business, relationships, and a life of thriving health.

We believe that there is great value in building relationships with people of both genders, and indeed may even feel more comfortable in mixed groups. But we also see the value of discussing the issues of work, business, and the rest of life from the unique perspective of women--including asking questions about what is biblical, vs. simply cultural, and how we can thrive in the midst of a busy, purposeful life that encompasses the many different pursuits that women’s lives typically involve.

there is a benefit

When women gather to talk about the unique challenges they face as they pursue life, there is benefit in hearing the wisdom of others...

  • hearing how other women have discovered the dream that God is calling them to pursue in the midst of their other responsibilities

  • how they have gotten unshackled from busyness and guilt to be able to pursue that dream

  • how they have strategically designed their work, rest, and relationships to stay healthy physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Yes, all of these ideas apply equally to men. But we feel that there’s great strength and wisdom in speaking with women specifically, and that there hasn’t been as much support for women in the Christian community for these kinds of conversations.

can you find it locally


Are you longing to gather with a group of women and talk more concretely about the dream you feel God is calling you to pursue? About how to get strategic and do the work?

Perhaps when you get together with women you know, you don’t really feel permission to talk about these things. You don’t open up about your desire--that you intend to fully and completely nurture your family but also believe that God is gifting you to move toward something additional. You even feel a bit alienated from the conversations that do happen.

Or perhaps you have a group of women who invite this kind of openness, but together you all feel a bit confused or haphazard about the way you’re moving forward.

You are why we are here.

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We created Impactivity to help you discover the Dream that God is giving, get free to follow it, design a strategy for it, and then build a healthy live of work, rest, and relationships.

We believe there are more of us than any of us realize, and we’re committed to connecting us online until we can each find that support locally, and even then alongside you and those you gather to work together.

So think about taking some small steps with the women who are around you. Find those who believe they are called to something, are ready to pursue it, and want to do it together.

How can you use your gifts to create a place of support and encouragement?

How can you build a community that offers this support, along with practical resources and accountability?

We’re very excited to be part of this journey with you.

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