Impactivity Study Leader's Guide

leader's guide for 8-week group study of Impactivity

Looking for your next study topic?

Something energizing and different that may even draw newcomers to your group?

The Impactivity Study Leader's Guide will help you take a group of women through the book [Impactivity: What if I'm Working Hard on All the Wrong Things?


In Impactivity, your group will discover six vital elements to living a more joyful and balanced life.

You’ll also meet four dynamic women, wrestling much like all of us, with questions about purpose in the midst of life, family and career.

The Leader's Guide complements the study questions at the end of the book, and has additional material for you as a leader, including:

  • ideas for gathering a grou

  • icebreaker questions to get the conversation started

  • guidance about which questions are most important

  • help with taking the discussion deeper

  • optional homework and assignments to give women

  • how to determine if some people would like to continue working together after the study

Purchase a single copy of the Leader’s Guide, and make sure each woman has a print or digital version of the book Impactivity when you begin your life-changing journey together.

*NOTE: Because of the different nature of this study, you may find that the topic appeals to women who don’t usually attend your study. You may want to do some extra “marketing” to get the word out, because a topic such as this one will typically draw new people.

And once they get to know, you they may keep coming long after this study ends!