Too Busy for Your Dream?

your dream is simply too important to ignore

We all wish there were more hours in a day. So many things you must do – never mind all the amazing things you want to do.

but life is too full of…

  • taking care of everyone who needs me at home

  • fulfilling the commitments you’ve made to others

  • trying to get on top of all the errands and chores and just keeping up with life

  • a job that doesn’t really leave me feeling fulfilled

So when are you supposed to work on a Dream?!

what will happen if you don

’t dream?

Will you still feel stuck in three years? Will the world miss out on something important only you can offer?

how do you move forward


It begins with clarity. Until you understand exactly what is holding you back – whether it’s abstract fears, or guilt, or the lack of time and the mental space to think about anything more than you are already juggling – you aren’t going to get out of this stuck place until you understand the obstacles and start getting answers about what to do with them.

if you

’re fearful about where the Dream might take you…

You need to see where those fears are coming from, whether they’re legitimate and whether they’re a warning to heed, or a blockade to break through.

if you

’re feeling guilty taking time away from others…

You need to evaluate whether this dream of yours is a distraction to your God-given purpose in life, or if it’s actually part of it.

if there

’s too much chaos and busyness in life…

You need to find a way to reduce that noise, clutter, and confusion so you can think clearly and get strategic.

you need to get


Whatever your reasons for not moving forward, one thing is true: You want to be in the place God calls you, working hard on the right things, the purpose for which He created you. That’s a place of true freedom. Anything keeping you from that place of freedom and obedience is a weight around you, tying you down and holding you back.

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