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how to take steps to build a group pursuing Impactivity

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We all want to live a life that has impact on others around us.

But becoming women who are both purposeful and powerful in that impact can be confusing, frustrating, and exhausting.

Some of us are out-of-balance – running like crazy but not sure it’s in the right direction.

Some of us are stuck – unable to pursue God’s calling on our life because of fear or confusion.

A critical part of pursuing the Dream that God is giving is getting connected to others who understand and support that Dream - people we can in turn support in their Dreams.

Do you have this supportive community around you? You can structure it in many ways, but here’s a simple “Impactivity” template for you to follow:

  • dive deep into the dreams each of you has for your life and how to uncover the calling of God in those dreams

  • help each other get free to pursue that calling

  • challenge each other to design a plan for following through

  • share tips and tricks on how to get organized about the work

  • encourage each other to stop working to embrace true rest

  • support each other with love and accountability

Take some time to look around and identify who these people might be. Or you may already be in a community with them, and simply need to get more strategic about how to support each other better.

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