what if you're working hard on all the wrong things?


’re about to find freedom, clarity, and peace.

in the six elements of impactivity, you’ll learn

  • How to identify a Dream that is custom-designed for you, your true calling and motivation in life.

  • How to Unshackle by breaking free of others’ opinions, ending false guilt, embracing imperfection, and eliminating the multitude of distractions.

  • How to Design a vision and system for your life that will end disorganization and map out a plan.

  • How to Ignite your productivity and learn the secrets to creating habits that stick, priorities that matter, and focus that achieves.

  • How to Recharge your energy as you stop working, experience true rest, and savor your life.

  • How to Connect to a deep biblical community that encourages and supports your dream.

a short book with life

-changing results.

It’s time to bring that dream to life, find the freedom of simplicity, get clear on your strategy, gain energy and health, and learn the balanced rhythm of work and rest.

A fantastic life of Impactivity awaits. Get started on your journey today.