Habitize Guide

A 7-Day Guide to Changing Your Life

The list of actions we should all be taking to stay physically, spiritually, mentally, and relationally healthy is crazy-long. Sometimes it feels like if we were faithful with those necessary actions every day, we wouldn’t get anything else done.

But healthy habits are like investments. For every minute you invest in taking care of your health in one of those areas above, you get multiple minutes back.

It’s a bit time-consuming at the start to set up a plan for your habits.

But remember, you’re investing time now, so it will multiply later.

It’s so worthwhile.

In Habitize: A 7-Day Guide to Changing Your Life you’ll get a practical and action-oriented plan to get these habits in place and make them stick.

This short ebook is jam-packed with practical wisdom and a process for harnessing routines and habits that will multiply your time, health and energy.

You’ll get lists of habit suggestions, the how-to process to create effective triggers and motivational rewards, in-depth instructions for Habit Chains, directions on replacing bad habits with good, plus advice on making it all stick.

It’s time to find the energy and health to thrive and have joy in your day, and discover how much you can accomplish in the midst of peace.