Wishing for Healthy Habits?

wishing won't make them happen

Staying healthy while being productive and focused on your Dream requires habits and routines that you can quickly power through, without elaborate plans or difficult decisions.

In fact, habits are the critical fuel that can drive our Dreams.

be intentional

Our habits are our “default” setting -- the place we slip into when we’re not really thinking, when we’re on autopilot. While we all wish we had more good habits, and could get rid of some of the bad ones, few of us actually set out to intentionally and logically build habits into our lives.

But with a little forethought, we can take that natural tendency to zone out and act without thinking, and we can tweak it to our benefit. We can set ourselves up to slip into habits that we are happy about, and at the same time free up mental space to focus on the new and creative things we’re doing rather that the long list of stuff that must get done.


3 building blocks

There are many “tips and tricks” out there for building good habits. But you only need three basic building blocks if you want to be proactive in your own habit plan: a trigger, a behavior, and a reward.

Make a plan by following these simple steps:

  1. Make a list of the habits you want in your life

  2. Think of a reward for each one

  3. Find a way to remind yourself to do it

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