Where Are You Stuck?

Identify & Move Forward

There are several places we get stuck when it comes to pursuing the Dream that we believe God is putting in our hearts…

stuck on the dream itself

Depending on your age, you may not have had time yet to fully develop a Dream for yourself. Many women in the “millennial” generation have been told since childhood that they can make a difference in the world, and that the world is a broken, needy place that needs their help. Perhaps you have a sense of the big, abstract change you’d like to see in the world – the people or issues that tug at your heart, the problems you especially want to see solved. But you have no idea how to make that change a reality as a Dream for your own life. You have nothing concrete, perhaps because you don’t yet know enough about yourself and your own strengths to make decisions about which direction to go. The world is wide open with possibilities, and you’re facing the “paradox of choice” – that you have both the wonderful opportunity to do just about anything and the crippling fear that you will make the wrong choice.

If this description fits you, you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels while you wait to figure it all out, or that you’re somehow “behind schedule” because you’ve been told all your life to follow your dreams, but you don’t know what your dreams are.

Don’t despair. Dreams take time to build and develop. They also shift over the course of a lifetime. For today, make a decision to simply think about where you might like to go, and put something in place that would move you in that direction, any direction! Just don’t accept the feeling of being stalled or stuck while you wait for clarity. Take some action toward clarity. (The Discover Your Dream course would be a great place to start!)

### Stuck in the circumstances of life

Women who are a bit older than their “Millenial” counterparts have spent years working and perhaps parenting, and are able to look back and see how all of it was somehow part of what they are only now beginning to realize is a Dream for the next part of their life. If you are over the age of 35 or 40, you probably learned “work first, dream later.” You’ve done the responsible thing for years – getting an education, making a living, maybe raising a family. At some point you started thinking about a Dream for your life, and rather than being paralyzed by too many choices like a younger woman might be, you instead have a somewhat clear idea of the Dream you’d love to pursue.

However, you’re feeling stuck with a lack of freedom in your circumstances. The world, in fact, feels somewhat closed to possibilities and you feel shackled by responsibilities and circumstances. You need Unshackling in the most practical sense, figuring out how to break free of financial and even relational commitments that don’t leave time for the Dream you feel God has gifted you for and wants for your life.

Don’t despair. You are being called toward a unique adventure, and the God who is calling you is able to give you freedom for it. For today, make a decision to simply think about where you might like to go, and release something in your life that will allow you to move you in that direction. Don’t accept the idea that you are stuck while you wait for circumstances to change around you. Take some action toward getting free. (The Unshackle Workbook would be a great place to start!)

Regardless of where you find yourself stuck in your Dream, your life will keep moving. Don’t let it move without finding the purpose you’re meant for.

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