Stop Beating Yourself up for Being a Procrastinator!

you're better than that!

Procrastination is like a disease - it starts small and then spreads to every part of our lives.


’re not lazy

Often we look at our procrastination, at our tendency to put things off and the way it starts to infiltrate our lives, and we heap insults on ourselves. Insults like “I’m lazy, I’m a slacker. I’m a time-waster.”

We assume that the procrastination we hate in ourselves is a character issue, and that if we were more self-disciplined and worked harder, we’d get so much more done. Maybe someday.

But take heart. Procrastination doesn’t usually have anything to do with your character, and it doesn’t stem from laziness. In fact, understanding exactly where your procrastination is originating from can make a huge difference in eliminating it.

what causes you to procrastinate


There are several different causes for procrastination, and laziness is only one of them.

Reasons for procrastinating can include:

  • being confused
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • being fatigued
  • not being strategic
  • being fearful
  • being addicted to time-wasting activities

That’s a whole lot of possibilities, and there are ways to push into each of them to figure them out and find solutions.


’t blame yourself

So stop beating yourself up for procrastination. It happens to all of us. Think of procrastination as a symptom of a larger issue, rather than the problem itself. And take some time to figure out where that symptom is coming from, rather than giving up and letting it spread.

is feeling confused or not

-strategic stopping you?

Take some time to ask yourself questions about what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going to get it done. Jot down just one or two very simple action steps to get started.

is feeling overwhelmed or fatigued stopping you


Take time to evaluate the task. Does it really need to happen? Can someone else could take it on?

are fear or time

-wasting activities stopping you?

Take time to set up some healthy habits in your life to create focused time, and then create accountability with people in your life to help you stay on track.

what to do next time you get stuck

Rather than feeling rotten about yourself and then avoiding the work even more while you beat yourself up, spend a little time taking care of yourself by asking yourself what's holding you back, then working on that root problem.

Just a few minutes facing the uncomfortable feelings around the task you're procrastinating can suddenly open up the space in your heart and mind to get it done.

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