Longing for Life to be an Adventure?

but instead you’re feeling stuck…

Do you have a nagging fear that you’re wasting time or not getting enough done? Is busyness starting to get to you, to weigh you down with exhaustion?

Perhaps you feel like life is busy and it’s speeding by, and you’re not figuring it out. You don’t want to have regrets, miss opportunities, or waste your life, but you’re not sure where to go from here.

the world needs you

The world is in desperate need of the Dream that God wants to birth in you. You are being called to make a difference in this world, to take the special person you are and the unique circumstances of your life and blend them into a life of powerful impact. More than mere productivity, a life of Impactivity is one that is healthy and thriving, with an Adventure pursued out of passion, risk, and joy.

You are an amazing, gifted person called to fantastic adventures, and it will take a healthy environment to get it all done. You cannot rely on your work ethic or your productivity alone. It takes more than productivity to live a life of Impactivity.

start dreaming

You may be struggling to envision a dream for your life that will encompass the purpose your heart longs for and the peace your mind craves. You don’t know how to put it all together—the deeper fulfillment of a unique adventure and the time management and organization required to pull it off. You don’t want to simply be running all the time, busy about things you aren’t certain even make a difference. Pulled at by everyone with an agenda, but with no agenda of your own. You aren’t even sure you have permission to dream.

what are you afraid of


What fears are keeping your Dream locked inside of you?

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of what others will think

  • Fear of doing the wrong thing

  • Fear of it not being the right time for you to dream

  • Fear you don’t have what it takes

  • Fear you don’t have a worthwhile dream

It can be confusing, but you have something inside you that has the potential to change your world. It is clamoring to get out.

you can do this

Not only can you glimpse the Dream on the horizon, but you can also begin living it, every day. In this life of Adventure, you will find purpose in your everyday activities, freedom from performing merely to please or impress others, clarity in your decisions, peace and joy in the midst of busyness, and the confidence that your life is having impact. If you don’t become intentional about your life of impact, you will simply continue in the frantic busyness that both frustrates and frightens you.

Do not allow your life to slip past, each day disappearing into a fog of indecision or hesitation. The world needs you too much.

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