How to Find the Time to Dream

get free to chase the things that matter

Sometimes we get a glimpse of the fantastic adventure that our lives could be and the dreams that are calling out to us. When that happens, we usually want to dive in, to offer our gifts to the world around us, to make a difference.

### You want to dream but…

  • you’re too busy, stressed out and exhausted
  • the to-do list is always a mile long
  • you can’t simply walk away from our responsibilities
  • you have bills to pay

  • you're worried your health and your relationships will suffer

something needs to change

You need to break free of the hindrances holding you back from the call on our life. Your dream is simply too important to ignore.

how to start


  • Stop creating your identity out of others’ opinions of you
  • Break free of the lies and bondage of your heart, and find your identity in what God says about you
  • Simplify your day, heart, mind and house
  • Stop obsessing over how much you get done and the always unfinished to-do lists
  • Break the addiction to busyness and become effective instead—turning your life of productivity into a life of Impactivity.

All of that is much easier said than done. If you truly want to get free, you’re going to have to do the work. But we have faith in you, and we have faith in the God who is calling you.

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