How to Choose what Comes First?

getting the work organized

The first steps to pursuing the Dream that God is calling you toward might seem complex -- discovering what the Dream is, getting Unshackled to follow it, and Designing the vision, strategy, tactics, and systems that will be the foundation.

But all of that is the planning stage, the discovering.

At some point, we move from discovering to doing, and that’s when life gets really challenging.

We realize that there is so much we could do, so much we want to do, and sometimes even so much we must do.

Where to start? How to get it all done?

Once upon a time, before we started focusing on a life of Impactivity, we might have been stressed out, burned out, and exhausted.

Are we headed back there again?

Or perhaps we were confused, overwhelmed, and procrastinating because we didn’t know where to start.

Are we going back to that unhealthy place?

In other words, now that we’ve discovered and designed the Dream, how do we put it all together and not go crazy?

One of the most important truths to grasp at this point in your journey is that you are not going to get it all done.

We know that hurts.

We feel it, too.

So many responsibilities, opportunities, and ideas.

Too many.

We live in a time of incredible choice.

Inspiring, unprecedented, overwhelming choice.

So before you even begin to think about prioritizing and deciding what to do first, next, or later, get this fact settled in your mind and heart:

You cannot do it all.

And one more truth:

If you try to do it all, you will likely do even less than if you choose.

It might be a painful truth, but it’s also a liberating one.

It’s time to choose, and let many other things go.

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