How to Automate and Delegate

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For most of us, time is an issue when it comes to pursuing our God-given Dream. Either we feel we have no time at all to work on it, or we are working hard but the whole thing is getting bigger than us, and we simply need help.

When we get stuck in a place of the work being too much, often we either push the Dream off and stop thinking about it, or we spiral into an unhealthy pattern of over-work, forgetting to Recharge and Connect with others.

Neither of these responses is a good solution. There may be a deeper issue of pride (“I can do it all!”) or of control (“I can do it better”). We need to face the truth that we need to bring others into the Dream, or even into the mundane parts of our lives where we could use some help to gain time for the Dream.

Getting to this “stuck” point of not being able to get the work done as quickly as you’d like has many solutions, but one of the best we can implement is a process of both automating and delegating some of our work.


Automation––putting technology to work for you––frees you from doing repetitive tasks that you don’t enjoy or that weigh on you to do or remember.

Take a look at some of your repetitive tasks and evaluate when taking the time to learn or set up an automated solution will save you time in the long run.

Automation can be accomplished in many ways–from setting up apps on your computer or phone, to online services that can be set up once, to online shopping. [For more specific ideas, see the free download at the end of this post.]


Often we believe that we can do all our tasks better and faster. Sometimes that’s true. And it can be hard to find and train people to take over for us in some area. There is also the fear that delegating to the wrong person will cause problems.

But if we’re going to make progress, we must get others involved.

Not only does it save us time, but it’s about community. We’re not meant to live our Dreams alone. Allowing people to come alongside us, giving them opportunities, helps others in a way that honors their gifts and promotes community. Delegation can also be about connection.

Also remember, other people enjoy and are gifted in areas you are not. With tasks you dislike, you might assume everyone else hates doing them as well. But your “nightmare” might actually be someone else’s Dream! You also give them an opportunity to learn, or to simply make money.

when is it time to delegate this task


If a task or project is detracting from the work you’re gifted and called to do, the work you love to do, you should think about giving it to someone else.

Ask yourself, what are the things that only I can do? Do those, and find others to do the things that detract from the full pursuit of God’s call on your life.

Ask yourself, how can I be even more responsible with the gifts I’ve been given, and do not only more but better?

[Sometimes there are unenjoyable tasks we must or should do ourselves, and we have to push through and do them. Only you can determine which tasks you can legitimately delegate.]

what about hiring


At some point, especially if you are involved in business, you may need to think about hiring someone, either as a regular employee or as a one-time freelancer. You may be able to get creative and find people to do it free or as a trade. But chances are you are going to have to pay someone.

And when money is involved, it’s a sacrifice.

Hiring becomes a conscious and deliberate decision to give yourself freedom and time by sacrificing money that could be spent on other areas.

Remember, if the time saved through hiring frees you to work on higher-level projects that have the potential to bring in more income, than hiring makes economic sense, as long as you use that freed up time intentionally. Hiring before you feel like you can afford it is painful, but it frees you to be creative and grow your business better.

And no matter how good you are, there are people out there who can do it better or faster. Find those people!

delegating and hiring are also about connecting

Look around you for others who want to help, who care about the WHY behind your Dream, who have more skill. But also be willing to ask for help in a broad way, and see if people turn up with skills, gifts, and desires you didn’t even know about. You have the opportunity to open up their Dream in new ways to them.

Everything we’ve been given, from talent to money to time, has been given to us by God and we’re to be taking good care of it. Sometimes that means giving some of our work, our projects, and our tasks, to others.

Invest your money and effort to gain time, and then invest that time in the Dream that God has given to you.

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