Are You Going to Catch Fire or Burn Out?

the secret to getting to the finish line

Finishing any big project, goal, or idea can be really tough. There are so many distractions that can derail us from forward progress:

  • New opportunities that seem too good to pass up
  • New ideas that pop into our heads
  • The noise coming from social media, people, responsibilities, etc.


’s the secret?

One word: Focus.

Without focus, it can be very hard to get back to the spot where you left off.

Think of how tough it is to get back on track when you’re interrupted while writing a difficult or important email. That’s a tiny example, and it's easy to spot those few minutes that it might take to immerse yourself in the email again. When all of your work is constantly interrupted, it takes a huge toll.

Focus is your secret weapon. Learn how to wield it well.

choose your destination

You can’t focus without knowing where you are going. If you have yet to set one large vision for your life take some time to do that. We have some great resources for that discovering process if you need some help.

choose your path

You probably have lots of great ideas about how to reach your Dream. Hopefully you have already taken some time to curate them down to just the best ideas. Even so, you probably still have several paths you could take. Focus means choosing one of these ideas at a time. Rather than walking down many paths at the same time, line them up into several tunnels to move down sequentially.

find the time

In order to focus you need to find your “Tunnel Time.” This is time where you "go into hiding" and just focus on the task at hand.

You may be thinking, “I can’t ignore my inbox, calls, text, people!” What if we told you that the world will keep going if you ignore it for an hour? In order to trust that idea, you need to set a limit to the amount of time you are ignoring the world.

Here are the steps to discovering your own “Tunnel Time”:

  1. Pick your first idea to work on

  2. Think of three smaller tasks to accomplish that idea

  3. Estimate the time those tasks will take

  4. Double that estimate

  5. Set aside blocks in your schedule for those time estimates

  6. When that time comes, go into hibernation and focus!

be protective

“Tunnel Time” is an important part of being able to find the focus you need to reach the finish line. Be protective of it.

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