All Work and No Play?

it's time to lighten up!

The world is full of things God has given us specifically to enjoy.

  • He wouldn’t have made sunsets if He didn’t want us to find them beautiful
  • He wouldn’t have made chocolate if He didn’t want us to find it delicious


’t believe the lie

Sometimes we can get too intense about our Dream, or even so intense about living a life of purpose and impact, that we let ourselves believe the lie that enjoyment is a “temptation.” That fun is for lazy and self-indulgent people.

That lie will get us in trouble. It will leave us exhausted, drained and even bitter.

Far from Impactivity, our lives become an angry march toward productivity that either burns out or burns relationships and health.

some ideas for refueling

We can’t let that happen! One of the best ways to love others and to show them the love of God is to live a life that’s immensely joyful. Here are some ideas on how you can find joy in your life:

  • Savor:

seek out ways to use all your senses

  • Worship:

seek time to develop intimacy with God

  • Celebrate:

recognize achievements or special moments

  • Appreciate: regularly recognize things you are grateful for
  • Learn:

actively seek new knowledge

  • Travel:

gain a larger view of the world

  • Love:

intentionally love the people in your life

  • Create:

see or think differently

  • Declutter:

clear out the junk

  • Exercise:

find new energy by working your body physically

Your life is meant to be joyful. Taking conscious and deliberate time to figure out how you would most enjoy life and including others in the celebration of life you are undertaking is a healthy and wholesome part of the life of Impactivity God desires you to live.

So go do something fun. Right now. Seriously.

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