A Lesson on Fire

Principles for Working Smarter

At Impactivity, we talk about Ignite as the fourth element of a life of Impactivity.

It’s where we really get going to do the work, make progress, put our habits and routines in place, get organized, get focused and get stuff done.

So let’s think about everything we can learn from the literal process of seeing something get ignited…

wet things don

’t burn Common sense tells us that whatever fuel we’re using for a fire, it needs to be dry before it’s flammable. When it comes to igniting in our work, it can be a hard balance between avoiding procrastination and setting out too early. Between over-planning and under-planning. Some of us have a tendency to let things sit and dry for much too long. Maybe we’re procrastinating, or maybe we’re making lots of plans to start the fire but we’re never actually starting it.

Others have tendency to jump right in before it’s time. No vision, no strategy, no looking ahead to get strategic and get set up for success. The fuel is still wet.

Are you trying to ignite before you’re ready? Or are you letting your ideas, your Dream, sit there so long it’s going to dry up and blow away before you get a chance to ignite?

getting a fire started can be hard

Sometimes igniting our work can be hard.

You’re making an effort. You’re not procrastinating or over-planning or delaying.

But you’re just smoldering. Maybe you need a little accelerant.

What can you use to fuel your dream? What inspires you? Can you find the people, the tools, even the money that might help accelerate your fire?

fires need to breathe

Even after we’ve gotten a Dream ignited and burning, sometimes we try to do too much, too fast, with a life that’s too jammed-full of other stuff. When there’s no white space in our minds, hearts, houses, or schedule, the Dream that ignited well enough doesn’t have space to grow and develop. It suffocates.

igniting takes time

Sometimes it takes a long time for something to burn. The idea of a “slow burn” doesn’t always sound as exciting as we might want. But steady progress is success. Give your Dream the time it needs.

the flames can get intense

Accelerant can take you to the next level, but too much accelerant can be dangerous. While finding the things that inspire and fuel you can be critical to reaching a tipping point where all of your efforts start to pay off, too much fuel thrown into your fire is a good way to burn out. Don’t fall for the idea that the faster you burn, the better. Keep going and push through the hard parts, but don’t sacrifice your health and relationships in the process.


’s left? In the end, what is left when all the igniting is done? Keep in mind that we’re working for purposes beyond our own profit, fame, or success. We are partnering with God in kingdom-building as we live out the gifts that He’s given us. When it’s all over, make sure your fire reveals gold, rather than a heap of ash!

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